Here I am

Still alive and kicking. Just moved to Tumblr.
You can find me here

I'm going to reblog all the fanart I've done these last few weeks over here, and move this to public again, and maybe try again to post something from time to time, I feel bad for neglecting this space so much. truth is, I've founf an amazing, amazing group of people out there on Tumblr, thus the moving. :)

Life's great. My son is 3 now and just started kindergarten, which makes me feel so proud and so moved and so sad and ecstatic and billions emotions all at once.
My husband's MRI are still perfectly clean. Still four years to go through before the 5 years mark which is the big milestone and will sign the end of the dangerous period for relapses and tumor coming back.

My big love right now is Robert Carlyle. And Once Upon A Time.
Oh, and the usual suspects reared their not so ugly head these last months. David Bowie and Tim Roth.

I'll heavily fangirl over these again. Ready?